RTC Administration Building
In cooperation with Hunter-Grobe Architects, White Earth Builders and ALPOLIC ACM Materials, TFC has helped complete this exquisite structure.  Completed in October of 2008, this site shows the quality and flexibility
of TFC and all of their partners.
Compressed Natural Gas Canopies
These canopies are designed to prevent the accumulation or entrapment of ignitable vapors.

Specialists in the design, fabrication, & installation of aluminum composite panels

From the ground up, TFC designs, fabricates and installs wall systems using ALPOLIC® aluminum composite panels as well as ACM panels from other manufacturers.  We use these panels to develop free-standing canopies, wall systems, fascias, and walkway covers for a wide variety of applications.

What makes TFC unique is that we self perform installation for architectural projects, including field dimensioning and labor. 

We have many qualified professionals on staff to assist you in design and engineering needs and have the capability to service all of North America.  Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures unparalleled quality and service from manufacturing to the installation of the product. 

Discover the benefits of utilizing TFC Canopy as a single source for your aluminum panel design, fabrication, and installation needs.  You’ll have the freedom of design that comes with using more than one system and a variety of colors and finishes.  Whether your projects call for flat, bent, curved, compound shapes, painted stainless stone, caulked or dry joint materials, TFC has a system or combination of systems to meet your individual project needs.  Contact us today!