Wall Panel Fabrication

You discover why ACM is the wall panel building material of the future as soon as you fabricate with it. TFC chooses ALPOLIC® because it can be curved, bent, routed, drilled, sawed, sheared, punched, trimmed and molded into complex shapes with conventional metalworking tools.

TFC wall panel applications include free-standing canopies, walkway covers, new buildings, existing buildings, and building fascias.

ALPOLIC®’s versatility makes it readily adaptable to many other standard systems including route & return systems, glazed-in systems and creative custom systems. In addition, you can create complex assemblies with ALPOLIC® in combination with polyethylene welding and support systems attached with structural adhesives. Surfaces can also be connected to one another or to other materials by such conventional methods of attachments as rivets, bolts or screws.

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