7/8" Corrugated Panel System

Panel Dimensions

  • Coverage Width Siding: 37.33” Roofing: 34.67”
  • Rib Pitch 2.67”
  • Profile Depth 0.875”
  • Thickness .032 Aluminum, .040 Aluminum, 22 ga. Steel, 24 ga. Steel
  • Weight 0.471 lb/ft2, 0.585 lb/ft2, 0.1.25 lb/ft2, 1.00 lb/ft2

Material Specifications

3000 Series Alloy in compliance with the Aluminum Association Composition Specifications and
conforming to ASTM B209 is standard.

Product Notes

  • Remove the protective film quickly after installation.
  • Panels should be laid flat in a dry, indoor environment during storage.
  • Panels should always be lapped against prevailing winds
  • Typical side lap spacing is 18”. Consult a Professional Engineer for specific requirements, as this
    may not be appropriate for all applications.
  • ⅛”x½” tape sealant shall be used at all side laps when used as a roof panel.
  • When using this panel in a roofing application, it should be lapped two corrugations. Panels may
    be lapped one corrugation when used in a siding application.
  • Minimum recommended roof slope: 2:12
  • Available through various manufacturers

General Information

Corrugated panels provided superior flexibility for use as a wall or roofing panel. The 7/8″ panel has
excellent negative load capability even for high-wind pressures. The Corrugated panels can be produced
perforated for a variety of exterior projects, such as equipment screens. Perforated corrugated panels
are also highly suitable for interior acoustical applications as well.


  • ASTM E283
  • ASTM E1592
  • ASTM E1646
  • ASTM E331
  • ASTM E1680

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